Wood Grain Paper Plates

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Modern Wood Grain Paper Plates

Wood Grain Paper Plates – Wood grain paper plates have gotten very popular today for uses other than the dinner table, specifically in the hobbies and crafts industry. Unfinished wood grain paper plates have become extremely popular for those individuals who want to create a unique tableware setting for their homes that you cannot see anywhere in the market. For the fane of decorative painting and especially Tole painting, this is a great source of hobby ideas and entertainment.

Although having a meal in wood grain paper plates is a different way of dining, these dinnerware need to be looked after more as natural wood is prone to mildew, if left wet. So, you require specific care and handling than what you are used to with melamine and glass. Preventative maintenance along with how it is cleaned is critical to the longevity of wood grain paper plates as well as other items in your set. Remember to keep this in mind if you are considering purchasing wood grain paper plates. Here are some helpful suggestions where the care and maintenance of wood grain paper plates is concerned.

You should never ever put wood grain paper plates or spoons in a dishwasher but wash these dishes, plates and dinnerware items by hand. It is best to avoid hard chemicals on natural substances and same goes for wood grain paper plates. Mostly wood retains cuts and lines which may harbor microbial growth, so clean up wood grain paper platesĀ  properly and let them air dry before storing. Mostly wood grain paper plates, spoons and platters can be given a proper rub down to remove build up or grease stains that can be soaked in. For a better look and shine, you may apply a layer of mineral oil to make the plates and dinnerware items retain their original look.

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