Wonderful Damask Tablecloth Dining

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Damask Tablecloth Blue

Damask tablecloth – The duffle is a plasticized tablecloth and covered with felt or cotton. It is placed leaving the plasticized part down and the coated it above, on the table and under the tablecloth. It has three functions: it makes the tablecloth not slip, protects the table and provides comfort when supporting the arms. This element must be invisible in the eyes of our guests so we will always take care that it is less than the tablecloth so that it is not seen anywhere.

It is important that the fabric, the color and the shape of the damask tablecloth are consistent with the event itself and the rest of the table. They can be textured, in a single pattern, embroidered, themed or smooth. The most suitable colors for the tablecloths are soft and warm. The dimensions depend on whether the table is noble or not, i.e. if it is a table that we want to show or otherwise hide, the second case is given when the table has been mounted with boards and legs.

If the table is noble we will let the damask tablecloth fall only a few centimeters, if not it will be dressed with the tablecloth to the floor and later we will place a cover. This one must always cover the duffle, as we saw before.

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