Weber Genesis Silver Replacement Parts

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Modern Weber Genesis Silver

Weber Genesis Silver – Although classic, people in the world are still using the grills. Due to durability and long lasting quality, Weber grills are reliable. Well, the production has stopped in 2005. There are 3 versions of the grill units. They are, Weber Genesis Silver A, B and C. Each has unique styling and features as well.

Weber Genesis Gold grills are quite popular actually. They have longer wheel base with nice side table designs. Another popular unit was the Weber Genesis Platinum grill. The unit has an enclosed storage cabinet along with housing constructed on stainless steel.

Well, the functionality of all color finish of the grills is the same basically. However, the Silvers have best values and this was exactly what made them very popular. Are you interested in buying a Weber Genesis Silver? You will have to consider the replacement parts as a precaution from damage.

The crossover ignition is easy to repair. Just do it instead of buying a new one. All ignition mechanisms will fail through time. Weber does understand this. This is why there is a small hole in the firebox. It will let you to compensate the ignition manually using lighter or match. After that, just let the burners do the rest.

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