Spoon Straws As A Magic Tool

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Spoon straws – When baby begins feeding alone, he first uses his fingers to grab food. Then quickly, your child tries to fill his spoon and carry it to his mouth. Thereafter, he tries to master fork and, later, knife. In addition to proper coordination, drinking by glass and using utensils requires many skills. Your child needs to grasp these objects, hold them in hand, and then gradually learn to make appropriate gestures to handle them properly.

For child, eating with spoon straws is a complex task: he must fill spoon, direct it to his mouth without spilling contents and put food in his mouth. During first tests, spoon comes to mouth of child almost empty, and damage is numerous. use of spoon requires training. Little by little, child improves his eye-hand coordination and, at 2 years old , he is able to feed himself without causing any damage. child also finds it amusing to feed his cub or his baby by presenting him with a spoon filled with imaginary food. And he succeeds at every turn!

If your child eats with his fingers and refuses to use a spoon, serve him a dish whose substance cannot be easily grasped with fingers, such as oatmeal or macaroni in tomato sauce. You can also present spoon straws as a magic tool. “See that spoon?” It is magical. With her, everything is better. You want to try it? “

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