Smoothie Bowls: Look What Ideas!

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Beach Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls – Good morning healthy people! Milkshakes are obtained by mixing milk or yogurt with fruit, chocolate or ice cream. This drink is very nutritious and refreshing, and presents a great variety of options in its elaboration. Studies conducted by the nutritionist Karlos arguiñano program in different schools indicate that 85% of children do not eat the 3 pieces of recommended daily fruit.

If you practice sports regularly, you may wonder what foods and food supplements are best suited to incorporate into your diet. Today we are going to approach a suitable alternative to prepare our body when it comes to exercise: shakes in smoothie bowls! But, yes, you have to be very clear what goals you want to achieve: to gain muscle mass? Lose weight? Recover mineral salts?

The homemade smoothie bowls can become a key tool in your nutrition. And is that homemade smoothies are an ideal alternative to all those preparations that the food industry of the sport makes us available. The great virtue of homemade smoothies is that you can make almost infinite combinations to get what you propose; the important thing is to know the properties of each food to combine them as it suits you.

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