Simple But Cute Carl And Ellie Mailbox

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Carl And Ellie Mailbox Handmade

Carl and Ellie mailbox – Do you find that your mailbox is a bit monotonous? I mean, more mailboxes are, right? Well it does not have to be! There are a variety of ways to make your own and they look amazing, or even to give your current mailbox a much needed facelift! These are not wall mailboxes you see from time to time and wonder what kind of crazy person lives in that house. They are smart and pretty and worth a try!

Carl and Ellie mailbox is easy to open and empty. However, it must be emptied in two steps, namely letters by opening front door with key and then newspapers / advertising, open top cover. However, it is quickly getting used to. There were no problems for either postal or paperboy on delivery. Mailbox is very spacious and can easily accommodate several days of mail, newspapers and advertisements.

When emptying, there is a large and very functional opening, and door moves easily and can be easily handled with one hand. carl and ellie mailbox works incredibly stable and comfortable to use, and it’s easy making an instant overview of content and it is easy to take out. mailbox also comes with a super simple but very effective New Year’s security, where a thin locking pin in metal very easily be put in place and effectively block letter slot.

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