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Camelback Sofa Style

Camelback Sofa – Armchairs and sofas are a must for any home and are often the focus of a living room or family room. Some people choose a sofa that will match the trim of their design, while others are more concerned with comfort. Many of the classic designs have been updated over the years to offer consumers modern versions of traditional styles.

The camelback sofa was an original by Thomas Chippendale, named for its elegant lean back which is high in the middle, then falls to the same height as its subtly laminated arms. These seats are fully upholstered with exposed wooden legs and feature padded seat cushions, but a taut and smooth back. Once you know this silhouette, you will see it everywhere. Classic, refined, and beautiful from all angles. The camelback sofa is recognizable by the way the back-up takes, rounded, like the back of a camel.

Bassett Furniture writes that these sofas were typical of the 18th and 19th centuries of Queen Anne and Chippendale-style furniture. A back upholstery usually accompanies the design. The camelback sofa is considered classic Accents in a home full of antiques or Victorian style. Modern Camelbacks feature firmly backed and tailored skirts for an elegant look. Chairs, armchairs and three padded sofas are available with a camelback design. While camelback sofas do not require any specific type of fabric.

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