Repair Techniques For Old Copper Bowls

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Copper bowls – By first removing the carpet, you can restore your copper bowls original luster and even repair what first appeared to be more serious injuries. If your copper bowls have a painted surface, you can simply use soap and water. If the boxes are not painted, then a more thorough polish is necessary to remove the accumulation of dark discoloration, which is prepared from the reaction of copper with air. One can remove the mat by boiling a bowl in a mixture of water, salt and vinegar. You can also scrub the dishes by hand; use acidic pasta such as tomato paste, a mixture of salt and lemon juice or a mixture of vinegar, salt and flour.


Most copper cookware and serving ware has a lining of tin or, less often, silver or nickel. As an exception, copper bowls intended to turn the eggs are usually unlined because many chefs think the copper surface enhances the whites’ top and not stain them. Your old copper bowls may require retaining a repair technique is best done by a professional. The metal repair companies often offer retaining especially for copper cookware.


Whatever repair technique you use, apply a coat of varnish to help your copper bowls “refurbished surface remains bright for years to come. A lacquered surface gloss differs from a pure copper finish. Copper coatings may include tempering retardant chemicals such as benzotriazole. Therefore if you plan to use copper bowls for cooking or serving only food-grade paint should be used.

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