Pretty And Durable Cedar Mailbox

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Cedar Mailbox Decor

Cedar mailbox – As mailboxes are classically considered to be narrow, somewhat flimsy structures, why not trend dollar and find larger, thicker piece of wood and bury bottom in ground to serve as your mailbox? You will have to cut or carve a space to install mailbox itself and can pour concrete around base of big wooden block, to fix it. But a mailbox on a stump is unique but subtle idea for a mailbox post.

Made of very strong wood like cedar or pine, your home address numbers could become cedar mailbox, creating an artistic path only to your address. It should be attached from same piece of wood and should be thick enough to not only keep mailbox, but any weight could be put in mailbox. This carving work can be expensive, but you will have best wooden box placed on block.

If you have a sense of humor and can carve and sculpt wood, carving then comic body of a butler from your cedar mailbox keeps your mailbox a “tray” It is well worth money. He is painted in a tuxedo, with a double chin. Imagine how much postman will enjoy effort put into it, as well as make your home a point of reference for passing people. If your home is large and luxurious, this is a self-mocking statement, which is quite fun. If your home is medium to small, it’s an even more fun statement.

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