Macys Dinner Plates Ideas

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Macys Dinner Plates Set

Macys dinner plates is a large arts and crafts projects for your kids. You can find cheap white Macys dinner plates on most low-cost and home stores, and glass or enamel paint at your local hobby. Create handprints, flowers, geometric shapes and stamps to decorate these durable plates. These painted Macys dinner plates are only decorative purposes.


Plan your design. Stencils are perfect tools for creating painted and you can even use stamps to create patterns on your Macys dinner plates. Clean the plate before using the paint. If you stenciling, apply the stencil to the field of melamine plate that you want to decorate. Tape the stencil in place.  This prevents the color from being too heavy and drive beyond the lines of the stencil.  If you use stamps to create your plate patterns, apply the paint to the raised part of the seal with a small brush. Press the painted stamp on the plate, and then remove it.

Let the painted Macys dinner plates air dry or put them outside in direct sunlight for about an hour to heat cure. There are mixed reports about the safety when exposed to heat, so if your glass color advise you to bake it, select the sun method. Some paint color will air cure. The painted plates should be machine washed, but you should make washing them to be on the safe side. Painted Macys dinner plates should not be used for food.

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