Best Ideas To DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Ideas

Refinishing kitchen cabinet is an effort to give new look significantly. Best kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas to DIY are optional to get a revitalized outlook. If you feel bored in your kitchen, then you will need to transform it. By spending a low budget, you can be sure in getting best look by changing the cabinet features. They can be paint color, hardware and some accentuations.

By learning from this post, you can learn the most inspiring ways in how to change the paint colors and hardware. There are basic step by step to follow. Doors and hinges are to be removed, decide whether to have the hardware (knobs, pulls and handles) replaced or kept.

If you are planning on changing the paint color, then removing stain and varnish is a must. You can use reputable stripper for best value. Must have kits to wear are respirator, gloves and make sure to let the air from windows and doors to open as wide as possible.

Appropriate sandpaper is used to sand the cabinet surfaces. Dusting and sweeping are to follow. Use appropriate color to wash the all cabinets surfaces which then stained by the color you would like to apply. Then do staining, sealing, sanding, varnishing, sanding and varnishing again. After doing these steps, you can have all removed doors and hardware to be reinstalled in the previous places.

No matter what paint color you used to have, it is going to be creating fresh atmosphere by having new one.

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