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Dixie Plates Decorations

Dixie plates – Disposable tableware makes socializing and daily life much more comfortable. Dixie is a well-known American manufacturer of paper plates, bowls, cups and napkins, and they recommend its Ultra plates as a stable staple.

Group plates of color, pattern, shape or decorative theme. Several sizes of dixie plates in the same shade Celadon can add an Asian touch to a plant-filled sunroom. White plates with fluted or scalloped edges add a classic or a country aspect to an unadorned buffet. A number of square and rectangular plates modernize a wall. Use small wooden easels to display the plates on a shelf or other flat surface. Available in craft or art supply stores, plate easels easily be painted or stained to highlight a color in the plates themselves or coordinate with other decorative elements. Gild them to highlight the heavy gold rims, dyeing them to coordinate with dining furniture.

Use the metal plate hangers to show the dixie plates to a wall. . These are often provided with elastic thread to accommodate plates of different sizes. Small flanges retaining plates safely and hanger loops can be secured to the wall with the picture hooks. Provide support for the plates displayed on open or closed glass shelves. Line shelves with felt squares or make small anchors with floral clay, to prevent chipping when the plates are shown sitting on the edge.

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