Impressive Fiesta Plates Style

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Fiesta Plates Cobalt

Fiesta plates – Sometimes dishes and bowls are too pretty to eat out of. Create a center piece using decorative plates and bowls that match colors and theme of your table and your event. If you are hosting an informal lunch or a black tie affair, consider using simple concept of bowl and bowl center pieces to create a dramatic focal point for your table.

Search for garage sales and thrift stores for beautiful and low-cost porcelain bowls, dishes and cymbals. Create a stylish floral arrangement of these dishes instead of flowers. Use a thick piece of polystyrene foam glued to wood as a base. Stack and secure a smaller piece of Styrofoam in center of larger piece to add height. Push edges of fiesta plates into Styrofoam in random patterns. Fill holes with saucers, bowls and tea cups. Use moss nave to cover exposed areas of Styrofoam and aesthetic silk surgery flowers to cover base and add visual interest.

To help save space at a table without sacrificing visual appeal, create a centerpiece that is both beautiful and functional. A large decorative fiesta plates can be an impressive center piece, but it can also serve as a serving platter. Stack party favors, fruit or cookies on a beautiful serving dish. Target groceries or flower silk around edge or between stacked items for an artistic look.

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