Ideas For Build A Column Mailbox

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Stylish Column Mailbox

Column mailbox – You can build your own column mailbox, but the task can be challenging. According Physique Wall Systems, Inc. is a mail box column more robust than other types of mailbox because it is made of concrete blocks. These mailboxes may stop in any type of weather, and is considered to be a permanent fixture. According retaining keystone systems, Inc., a mail box column adds appeal to the front of every home.

Ideas for build a column mailbox measure and dig a hole that is 42 inches long and 42 inches long. Make sure the hole 12 inches deep. Fill the bottom of the hole with half your cement mixture. Set three rebar horizontally to each other in the middle of the concrete. Cover with three more rebar, creating a crisscross pattern. Cover the rebar with the remaining cement and let it dry. Lay a level so that the straight edge facing up. Lay down a cement block of cement mixture.  Place a level on top of the first block to make sure it is even. Cover block with mortar. Place the wall ties in every corner of the cement block.

After that to build a column mailbox, continue laying blocks on top of each other. Cover each layer of mortar. Continuing building the column until the mailbox is 3 inches high. This will serve as a starting point for your mailbox.  Fill the gaps with mortar. Place two 12-by-16-by-14 cap blocks on top of the mailbox. Let Mortar cure overnight.

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