Ideas Double Futon Sofa Bed

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Double Futon Sofa Bed Ideas

Double futon sofa bed – When we need to have an extra bed at home and meters not leftovers, a transformable option becomes a good alternative. In these cases a good futon or a sofa bed can be the solution. So that you can evaluate which one you should choose for your home we set up this guide. In the futon, its structure is paramount. You can also opt for one with wooden structure paradise. It is not advisable to use pine, poplar, cypress or saligna, since they are woods between soft and semi-hard.

The grill that forms the seat must be skewed to the crossbar to be more resistant, especially if it is going to be a daily use piece of furniture with a simple mechanism and without extra pieces. In the case of the futons, to sleep daily it is advisable to opt for one of 3 bodies, since it is simpler to arm. If you do not have so much space, the ideal will be the Japanese type double futon sofa bed.

In the case of the double futon sofa bed, the ideal is that it is composed of one or two foam plates (covered with cotton blanket or tow, the former stays better over time). The mattresses with lateral belt retain their shape better and are very well in sight. The ideal height is around 22 to 25cm.

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