How To Make A Rectangular Burlap Tablecloth

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Burlap Tablecloth Design Ideas

Burlap tablecloth – Sack is a strong, thick woven fabric that comes in various colors and weights. In its natural state, it is shades of brown and has traditionally been used as sacks of raw materials and grain. Because of its homespun appearance, it is often used today in homes with shabby chic and vintage-style décor. Robust and inexpensive burlap, you can sew your own fabric, which gives your dining room to the shabby chic look for a reasonable price.

Measure of the table at its longest point from edge to edge. Write down the measuring table length.  Find your desired drop length of your burlap tablecloth. Measure from the top edge of your table length where you want your tablecloth hem. Multiply this number by two and record this last drop length measurement. Figure cutting length of your fabric by adding the table length measurement final drop length measurement and record the final length measurement number. Cut a piece of burlap as wide as your last Width measurements, and as long as your last length measurement.

How to make a rectangular burlap tablecloth; fold the short side of your grosgrain ribbon. Sort grosgrain ribbon as long as the outer edge of the ribbon aligned with the crude outer edge of the burlap. Continue pinning the ribbon all the way around the screen until you come back to the first short side of the ribbon. Set your sewing machine with thread that matches your grosgrain ribbon.

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