Gibraltar Mailbox Post Ideas

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Gibraltar Mailbox Post Bronze

Gibraltar mailbox post – Before replacing your mailbox posts, you must remove the old post. A Record in cement is difficult to remove than a post that has just been buried. If your post cement base is secure, you may need to select a different area along the front of your yard in which to install your new Gibraltar mailbox post.


Dig around your post with your shovel. If you hit the concrete, widen your perimeter of the hole until it is greater than the Post’s concrete foundation. Water the soil inside and around the hole and mailbox posts to loosen the soil.

Wiggle and pull on your Gibraltar mailbox post. Continue to try to loosen it from the ground. If you are making little progress, you can try to pry the post out of the ground with a 2-inch by 4-inch wood scrap and a jack.

Remove your 2-inch by 4-inch piece of wood to the Gibraltar mailbox post in the 90-degree angle. Attach the piece on a hill just low enough to fit your jack below. Place the jack under the piece of wood and pump the jack level. Continue pumping to lift the post and its base from the ground.

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