Fresh Beach Mailbox Paint

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Beach Mailbox Colors

Beach mailbox – Create a cozy home, increasing look of your yard and car. A simple way to do this is by an old mailbox with a cool design, color or painting theme. Add your family name with bubble or block spelled allowing postman to easily see from a distance. Collect a sheet of letter templates at your local craft store if you are worried about clarity and size of your letters.

If you really live on beach full time or just enjoy imagining what you do, your beach mailbox to reflect this idea of ​​right painting to your needs. Paint a landscape design of a lighthouse, rest chair on beach or view sea from sandy shore. Add family name with a fine-tipped paintbrush, painting over black paint and cursive. Another option is to add family name in a split color tone from landscape design.

Create a memorable beach mailbox in minutes by selecting two primary colors to use for painting and decorating. Start by painting entire box a single color as turquoise and then adding your last name in a separate color as bright yellow. Make sure color of box is a few shades darker than letter color for postman can easily see. Paint letters in block or bubble letters for added visual appeal.

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