French Tablecloths: Alluring To Formal Dining

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French Tablecloths Blue

French Tablecloths – Choose a colorful tablecloth if you want your round table to be signature feature of room. For example includes a dark brown table with a cherry red cloth or near black table with a turquoise or lime green cloth. Pastel tablecloths accented bright circular wooden table nicely and help table blend in with rest of space. If your dining room is round or crescent-shaped and painted white or tan, pale yellow or pistachio green cloth adds a subtle touch of color to room and highlights around theme of room.

A cloth having circular pattern dots stresses table round shape and provide attractive texture to dining room, but also abundance of color. For example, comprise a black round table with a polka dot fabric in black and white; this is especially attractive if wall is white or black. If you’ve decorated dining room with flowers, flower-patterned french tablecloths featuring round flowers like daisies, poppies and roses lay deep shades of red, orange and pink to dining room while celebrating table round shape.

Even if you’ve covered your round table with a french tablecloths, you can stop a small cloth in a large vase as a centerpiece. For example, if your dining room is decorated with jewel tones and you have a burgundy or red cloth on table, rolling emerald green cloth napkin or placemat made of same material as cloth and put it in a tall, clear glass vase in middle of table.

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