Durable Full Grain Leather Sofa

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Full Grain Leather Sofa Sets

Full grain leather sofa – Full-grain (also called top-grain) cowhide is the most durable, expensive choice of leather upholstery, and the only kind of quality leather retailer selling for the purpose. Definition of full-grain leather is a manufacturer can distinguish a thick hide for three thinner skins; is a full-grain or top-grain leather, the rest is known as “split.”

The full grain leather sofa is a protective surface that binds the leather hard, takes a finish well and provides some moisture protection. Without cereal are divisions more flexible, but less protected and less durable. Two of the main leather dealers. Tandy Leather Factory and Hide crafter Leather Company sell only top leather upholstery purposes. Still, a sofa in split leather is an economical choice, and can provide years of use, with proper care.

A leather-matching sofa can have top-leather cushions and backrests, and divisions or leather sides and back. This lowers the cost of the sofa considerably. Reputed leather furniture retailer always advertise a full grain leather sofa or top leather when they use it. Otherwise, they will simply refer to the article as a “leather couch.” Are you want to use these style of sofa? I think this good choise.

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