Decorative Cast Iron Mailbox Post

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Awesome Cast Iron Mailbox Post

Decorative Cast Iron Mailbox Post – Create an old world country look would not be complete without taking a decorative cast-iron mailbox, a country motif is a popular design style where furniture is deliberately age, old items are used as decorations and gardens are made to be overgrown style creates a comfortable feeling who lived in and not pretentious in nature. When you set out to create a country look; with the help of decorative cast iron is really a way to do it outside features are very popular with this type of construction with the introduction of old tires, flower and ornamental cast iron mailbox all the features to consider.

Preparing the area for install cast iron mailbox post, make sure the area is clear of all debris such as large rocks, roots and weeds. Dig the hole use post hole digger for mailbox, makes it about 2 feet deep. Mix quick-setting concrete in a bucket according to the instructions. Use the drill and mixing attachment to thoroughly mix the concrete. Place mailbox post in the hole. Pour about 1 inch of gravel in the hole. Then pour the mixed cement into the hole until 1/2 up the sides of the hole. Lift the post slightly and then set it down again pour more concrete in the hole so that it is also with the ground, let the concrete cure for the new day until completely cured.

A mailbox mounting kit includes screws, washers and bolts, all of which will be used to correctly attach the decorative cast iron mailbox post. Place mailbox on the pole and line up with the holes in the pole. Place a washer over the hole then screw the nut to screw and tighten the. Placing and tighten all the nuts, washers and screws in each of the holes.

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