Cute Animal Mailboxes Ideas

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Animal Mailboxes Black And White

Animal mailboxes – One of the most effective ways to configure your outside mailbox apart is to paint it. You can paint your outer mailbox an unusual color – like red, yellow, bright blue, orange or purple – or combine colors. Try to themed animal pets on your mailbox.

People with a more developed artistic talent can paint pictures in the mailbox that represents a personal style or complement the design of their home. If you like animals, paint your favorite in your outdoor mailbox in themed animal mailboxes. If you have a small farm, paint cows, chickens, other traditional farm animals or a tractor in your mailbox. Simpler images include sunflowers, vegetables or fruits. Sports lovers can paint their mailbox to match their favorite sport. For example, football fans can paint their mailbox with black and white hexagons to make it look like a soccer ball.

Planting flowers around the base of your animal mailboxes is a great way to expand your garden to the very edge of your property. Any of annual or perennial plants will work. Annuals are a good choice for those who like replanting for a new look every year, while favorite perennials will decorate your mailbox year after year outdoors.

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