Curbside Mailbox Installation

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Curbside Mailbox Decorative

Curbside mailbox – Quite often people see your mailbox before they see your house, so it is important that your mailbox is an accurate representation of your home. You want it to look clean, efficient and robust. Your mailbox is the temporary home for all of your bills, correspondence and journals; you do not need it to look like it might tip over or have a crooked posture. Installing a new curbside mailbox on your sidewalk is a suitable project for either inexperienced, because this simple project gives a strong sense of satisfaction when completed.


Action 6 to 8 inches from the curb. Mark the location on the ground with spray paint markings and then dig a hole that is 9 inches in diameter and 20 inches deep. Pour 6 inches of gravel in the hole. Place your curbside mailbox post into the hole on top of the gravel. Measure the height of the base of the mailbox to send down to the ground.

Use a level to check that the post is level. Pour dry concrete in the hole until the concrete is 3 inches from the top. Check to ensure the entry-level again and adjust if necessary. Allow the concrete to set. Shovel dirt on top of the dried concrete until evenly cover the base of the post with dirt.

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