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Spoon Rests Coffee

Spoon rests – Have you had left-handed disposable spoons last birthday, or those you bought are broken just touch something a little hard (it has happened to me!)? You can use them to make one of children’s crafts with plastic spoons! These recycled crafts are simple and fun, kids will love it! Would you like to see them?

Who would have said that these precious flowers are made with spoons? We must cut the handle of the spoon rests using a hot knife (this step must make an adult) so that we only have the concave part. Then we glue them with the hot glue gun (attention to the burns) on the desired surface (in these case pennants) side by side, forming a crown. To make the center stick a pompon.

To make those nice little bugs that rest on a leaf, we must sand the spoon rests a bit with fine sandpaper so that the painting adheres better and then paint with acrylics: the brown handle and the concave part with the colors that we like. Decorate with speckles and eyes and insert the spoon into a leaf cut in green felt, with a small inscription in the base through which we will pass the handle.

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