Creative Decorative Residential Mailboxes

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Build Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Decorative residential mailboxes – Each residence address needs a mailbox, but most people are content to use a simple plastic box on a wooden post to serve this purpose. For more expressive or creative people, outdoor mailbox post is a place to add curb appeal and make a personal statement. Mailbox post options range from charming and decorative eye-catching and unique.

An idea for a custom decorative residential mailboxes post is to construct a painted wood version of a character. This can be a historical figure, cartoon character or generic shape, as a fireman, soldier or butler. Plywood and paint are only tools needed to construct a character based mailbox post usually a standard wooden posts to support mailbox at appropriate height. Consider building a character that seems to hold mailbox, or use mailbox as mouth or a cartoon animal.

Not all creative decorative residential mailboxes posts must be based on a character or animal figure. Instead, a simple mailbox post can be a decorative object that fits into theme of yard or household. Adding wood posts and rope to a mailbox post can suggest a nautical theme. Palm leaves or corn husks, tied to mailbox post with string or rubber bands, can provide a more natural and seasonal appearance.

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