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Bean Bag Sofa Acoustic

Bean bag sofa is specifically shaped frames, which can make finding a well-fitting slipcover difficult and expensive. Although you can find custom or premade wing back sofa covers in home stores and online, you will save money if you make the cover itself. Even those with no sewing experience can create a custom slipcover in fabric type and pattern of your choice. Dress pins can be purchased at craft stores and online, and allow anyone to create a quality slipcover for any kind of sofa.


Measure the couch frame width, length and height with a tape measure and record them on a paper. To get an accurate picture of any curved portions of the bean bag sofa, simply place the tape measure over the highest point of the curve to ensure that there will be enough fabric for all areas. Measures also possible relocation couches cushions.

Remove the cushions and center them over the fabric type and pattern of your choice, on a square piece is cut to match the pillow measurements. Fold fabric up and over the pillow as if you wrap a gift. Attach the fabric to the bottom of the pads by pressing the sharp tip of a stuffing twist-pin of the folded fabric and turn clockwise until snug.

Hang wing-back frame with the same fabric, cut to match the measurements you took. Center the fabric of the bean bag sofa. Smooth the fabric with your hands around the sofa frame. Use a stuffing twist pins each four inches or so, around the curved edges of the sofa and around the inside of the bag area.

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