Connecting A Gold Mailbox To A Railing

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Stylish Gold Mailbox

Gold mailbox – Attach a gold mailbox to a railing brings back a bit of fashion homesteading with a small touch that is often lacking with gathered mailboxes with slits in the front doors. Mounting the mailbox can be a problem, however. Going through the base of the mailbox to fit it in place is difficult because of the small area to work with inside the mailbox. Coming up from below is not a good option because of the risk of injury from the end of the screws that come through the thin mailbox basis. With a pair of “L” brackets but you can mount mailbox with glue that holds it in place while the brackets attached to the railings.

Place your mailbox on the railing exactly where you want to fix it. Mark the position of the railing with pencil marks on the rail on both sides of the gold mailbox. Take the mailbox from the railing. Place a pair of “L” brackets to the rail as the jacking points within the penciled lines with short rear portion of the “L” containing screw holes overlap the edge of the railing on the back and facing away from where the mailbox will open.

Attach the “L” brackets to the rack using wood screws through the screw holes on the short end of the bracket and into the rear of the rack. Mix a batch of welding glue in a small cup with a wooden stick resurrection. Follow the mixing ratios of the packaging. Brush the weld glue along the long ends of the brackets on the railing spikes with a brush. Press the mailbox into place on top of the ā€œLā€ brackets contains glue. Hold in place 30 seconds to start the bonding process. Stack three or four bricks inside the gold mailbox to add weight to keep box tightly against the brackets. Remove the bricks.

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