How To Comfort Costco Sofa Bed

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Costco Sofa Bed Black Leather

Costco sofa bed – Several furniture companies manufactures sofa sleepers in all shapes and sizes. From full-size to king size, sleeper sofas gives you an extra bed in your home to use for unexpected guests or your teenage daughter & risqué; s sleepover. If you want to convert a sofa into a sofa takes a small amount of strength and an open area in the room to set the bed down. When you convert the sofa to a sleeper, add a few sheets, a blanket and some pillows.


Remove the sofa cushions and loose pillows from the Costco sofa bed to expose the sleeping part in them. Grasp the middle of the section asleep in front of the couch with both hands and pull the sleeping up and out. Continue to pull in the direction of the center legs of the sleeping automatically open, allowing you to set the sofa on the floor. The foot of the sofa will be folded on the sofa mattress at this point in the conversion.

Fold the foot of the Costco sofa bed out of the sofa mattress. Depending on the model of the sofa, legs can be opened manually or automatically. Adjust the legs on the sofa bed on the floor.

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