Cluster Mailboxes: Ideal And Popular Options

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Cluster Mailboxes Black

Cluster mailboxes are an ideal solution for densely populated areas with many homes or businesses. They are available in indoor and outdoor styles but also be certified by United State Postal Service. These created is considered safer than individual mailboxes that do not require going in street to get mail and more environmentally friendly as they do not require as much drive to deliver mail. Mailbox clusters are also popular because they allow people in homes and businesses must have safe / private mail from other residents.

Determine level of security you want for mailbox. If it is a commercial enterprise, highly secure mailboxes are available. Also outdoor mailboxes must be safer than indoor cluster mailboxes. Determine required shelf life. Many mailboxes are constructed of stainless steel, but other materials such as aluminum or fiberglass for bricks are available. Again outdoor mailbox clusters should be more durable than an indoor one.

Consider whether you are looking for a curbside versus surface mounted cluster mailboxes. Surface mounted clusters are much more popular for indoor use. An important area that is often overlooked is color and style. A mailbox is a key element in any architecture, and if it looks out of place, it can easily become an eyesore.  Finally, consider any additional features you may require. Typical features include large individual mailboxes or extra large separate package containers.

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