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French Sofa Set – If you want your sofa, chairs or armchairs to last, you have to make sure you read this article before making your purchase. Let’s show you how to choose the right fabric for your sofa, chair or armchair as a professional would. Ask first if the fabric is light, moderate or for continued use. Only you know your habits at home and those who live with you. If you have children, pets and your lifestyle are very active it is best to try a cloth for continued use.

For example, you would never think of using a silk cloth in the room where the family usually meets. Some of the fabrics that are 100% cotton are designed for light use and are good for pillows and not for a french sofa set. Many people stay away from the patterns when it comes to fabric for their upholstery; however, current trends include eye-catching designs for most decorating styles, as they include ethnic, geometric and nomadic patterns. If you fell in love with a certain pattern, make sure that the shape of that pattern for use in your upholstery does not conflict with the design of the sofa.

For example, a sofa with straight lines will look better if you choose a model with straight or geometric angles, while a french sofa set with rounded shapes will look better with floral patterns and the use of large patterns to give it a more modern look and updated.

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