Chinese Soup Spoons As A Living Tradition

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Chinese Soup Spoons Plastic

Chinese soup spoons – Soup spoons are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually classified by the size of the scoop shell, as the part containing the soup. The type of soup spoon that is needed depends on circumstances such as the kind and surface of the soup or the country where the spoon is constructed.

Chinese soup spoons are usually using ceramic or porcelain material. Different like the Western spoons, Chinese spoons have a solid handle and a flat, with an oval shaped shell. The flat shell ensures that the spoon remains straight without spilling when left on the plate. Chinese spoons have raised hems for loading large pieces of food, making them useful for soups made with broth, as well as for soups with noodles or wontons.

When they eat soup, they almost always do it with spoons and sticks. The sticks for the noodles or whatever you have the soup and the spoon for the liquid. But many other times there is no spoon and they take the soup directly from the bowl. Making underwater vacuum cleaner noises thing. But it is just an urgent things, when the Chinese soup spoons do not served on their table to enjoy their soup.

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