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Catfish Mailbox Size

Catfish mailbox – This is the southern part of Vietnam “kho” classic dish. “Kho” is the kind of dish simmered in the sauce slightly sweet, reddish brown colored thick containing caramelized sugar and fish sauce. Catfish steak in a sauce boil for an hour, absorbing deep savory flavor tinged with the sweet.

For great results, buy fresh catfish in the grocery market across Vietnam or China local. Then ask the fishmonger to clean the fish and cut into 3/4 inch slices for you. Use slices center cut for this dish and the head, tail pieces that can be used to make stock Fish. This dish is served over rice, for the best taste, combining a small piece of fish, rice and a little sauce in every bite you eat. Place the catfish flat in catfish mailbox. Using a machete or large knife, remove the tails, fins, and the head of the fish. Cut the fish from tail to 3/4 inch.

Put oil in a small saucepan over medium heat, add garlic and onion to the oil and fry the garlic until browned. Strain the oil through a fine metal sieve into a small clay pot, discard the garlic and onion. That article about catfish mailbox that we wish to convey to you all may be useful.

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