How To Cares Bamboo Disposable Plates

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Bamboo Disposable Plates Trays

Bamboo Disposable Plates – Bamboo kitchen utensils are made from the interior woody stalk of the bamboo plant. The dye is lighter than other wood and bamboo utensils that do not weigh as much. In addition, bamboo does not absorb water like other woods and has antibacterial properties. Care of bamboo kitchen utensils is like taking care of any other kitchen utensils made of wood. Proper care ensures the bamboo kitchen utensils function well for many years.

Just like wood, bamboo disposable plates can dry out and crack. To help prevent excessive drying, periodically treat the plates with a light coat of oil. A food grade mineral oil, or mineral oil mixed with beeswax, are the most common options. If oil products are to be avoided, any non-perishable food grade oil will work. Lemon juice can also eliminate any persistent odor that foods have leaked into plates and can help reduce stains.

Keeping plates well treated with oil is the best way to prevent stains, but natural bamboo disposable plates will darken over time. Use the bamboo cooking utensil to soak a dishcloth with warm water and apply 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap. Dry the utensil carefully with a clean towel and absorbent dish to remove as much moisture as possible. Apply 1 teaspoon of mineral oil to a cotton cloth and rub over the entire surface of the bamboo tableware once a month to seal it.

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