How To Build Farm Mailbox

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Animal Farm Mailbox

Farm mailbox – No outside touch separates the home from another as a mailbox. About whimsical, elegant, rustic and simple, outdoor mailboxes to be fun and functional. Without a good post to support your mailbox, you may as well leave an empty box for your letter. You can make a post that will both accent your mailbox and last for a long time.

Select two or three options for the placement of the farm mailbox post. Call your local post office to determine post placement and size regulations. Call your electric, cable, water and gas companies to ensure that there are no underground cables running where you want to dig. Deciding where to place your post and mailbox.

Make farm mailbox, dig a hole three feet deep and 1 and 1/2 feet wide. Dig carefully and keep the hole also. At the bottom of the hole, widening it by about 6 extra inches. Do not throw away the dirt from the hole. Pour 6 inches of gravel in the bottom of the hole. Use the tar on the post from the bottom up to 30 inches. As the post in the hole. Mix concrete and pour quickly and evenly around the post. Make sure the post is level and place cinderblocks around the post. Allow the concrete to dry overnight. Shoveling dirt back over the concrete and around the post. Pack the good. Install your mailbox.

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