Blue Velvet Sofa Decor

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Popular Blue Velvet Sofa

Blue velvet sofa – Sometimes it happens that fashion trends jump into the world of decoration. It is the case of velvet, a fabric that triumphed in the 80s and has returned strongly this season to look stylish in all types of clothing. And also in our furniture and accessories for the home. It is a soft and elegant texture, with some retro character perhaps because it was used years ago. There are those who love them and others horrify them, in any case, it becomes a trend this season and we want to offer you some ideas to introduce you to your decoration.

The velvet lends itself to the use of colorful colors so that the furniture in question acquires the entire possible protagonist. What do you think of a blue velvet sofa, or an armchair in pink quartz or some of the fashionable colors of 2017? With these shades you will create blue velvet sofa very elegant and modern environments at the same time.

If you like blue velvet sofa but do not want to put a sofa, for example, because it seems excessively large, you can make use of this fabric through smaller accessories, such as these stools placed at the foot of the bed or a puff for the living room. The result is very effective, you will be introducing one of the trends of the season and without overcharging the stays too. Remember that it is tough but delicate, especially in the treatment of stains.

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