Beautiful Fleur De Lis Mailbox

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Black Fleur De Lis Mailbox

Planting a fleur de lis mailbox will add immediate sidewalk appeal to your home and property. Your mailbox flower bed can speak your personal style and can be as simple or elaborate as you want. When choosing how to decorate area around your mailbox, consider restrictions such as proximity to busy street, heavy foot traffic, planting area where you live and guidelines of Owners Association for your neighborhood.

Fleur de lis mailbox is also major elements based on a series of plantations or gardens around. Instead of struggling with need for weeds and cutting grass around a mailbox post, consider a small flower garden at base of mailbox. Mailbox messages can also support hanging plants below or behind mailbox. In addition to hiding view box seen from within house, these plants may be first visitors of item see in a more extensive series of gardens or plantations on property.

Flowering fleur de lis mailbox gardens are beautiful in spring and summer when flowers are in bloom. For rest of year, they can be a little boring. Consider most of your mailbox fills boxes with perennial plants like holly. These shrubs look good all year round and provide a neutral canvas to add other colors and types of plants. You could also go with succulent plants such as cactus, such as placing them far enough away from mailbox to avoid puncturing pedestrians and postal workers.

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