Beach Themed Mailbox Ideas

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Beach Themed Mailbox Pattern

Beach themed mailbox – Instead of an ordinary metal mailbox – boring – or buy a decorative mailbox that can be expensive and hard to find exactly what you’re looking for, paint your own mailbox with patterns to match your personal style. Pattern on a mailbox help visitors identify your home when they come to visit.

Use a theme from an interest or hobby to create a mailbox. Be creative with the placement of the pattern; remember the flag and the opening of the mailbox can be used in the pattern. For a fish theme, paint a pattern of boats around the mailbox. Fit in a boat with the flag in the mailbox. You can paint the flag as a fishing pole. Or you can use beach themed mailbox to shows off your personality to neighbors and visitors.

Before painting beach themed mailbox, cut a piece of paper that sweeps from one side of the mailbox, over the top on the other side. Cut another piece of paper with the same size and shape as the opening of the mailbox. Use this paper to identify your patterns. This makes it easier to determine if the pattern you created works well in your mailbox. It also helps eliminate mistakes when you start painting the mailbox.

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