Attractive Dual Mailbox Post Outdoor

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Dual Mailbox Post Colors

Dual mailbox post – Most outdoor mailboxes come in silver, black, white or dark brown, and so most residential mailboxes look like everyone else in vicinity. However, with some basic supplies and imagination, you can do outdoor mailbox stand out. If you want mailbox to match your home or theme you want to decorate it for holidays, there are a variety of options.

One of most effective ways to set dual mailbox post outdoors apart is to paint it. You can paint mailbox outside an unusual color – like red, yellow, light blue, orange or lila– or combine colors. Try painting stripes or spots on your mailbox. Unusual colors or images are not only option. A short poem, a favorite quote or short section of a beloved book are also opportunities. This idea is most effective if outdoor mailbox is painted a pale color like white, ivory or buff, and text is painted with a dark color, like black or a deep brown.

Finished cloth wraps can be purchased at many local home improvement or craft stores. These canvas wraps are already decorated for season or holiday. Design with personal interests and hobbies, such as birds and other animals, are also available. These cloth covers come in different sizes. Some are secured to dual mailbox post with weights while others attach to email account with magnets.

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